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Halo Couture FAQ



Will extensions damage my hair?

HALOCOUTURE® Extensions will NOT damage your hair. In fact, there is no complicated and lengthy process, no weaving, no clips, no glue. You will not need to be planted in a chair for hours. HALOCOUTRE® Extensions easily attach with a wire that is quickly customized to fit your head in just a few short minutes. The great news is that there is no sacrifice in quality or quantity. You will have a real alternative that is truly quick and easy with the same satisfying results. You get a full, gorgeous head of hair in one HALO® Extension without any of the concerns of damage to your natural hair.

How will my HALOCOUTURE® Extensions stay on without clips, or bindings?

Your HALOCOUTURE® Extensions is custom fit and sits on top of your head like a HALO®. The miracle wire sits about an inch to three inches behind your hairline and the back of the hair extensions slides down just under the occipital bone. The perfect fit will be snug and comfortable and will ensure no movement of the HALO® Extension. After you gently pull your hair out and over to cover your entire HALO® Extension, including the miracle wire, the weight of your hair lying on top of the HALO® Extension, will keep it secure and in place. You will be able to shake your head without your extensions coming off.

Can I color my HALOCOUTURE® Extensions?

Yes, you can deposit color. Because HALOCOUTURE® Extensions are 100% Remy human hair, you or your stylist may color as you would your own hair. We recommend you test the color with a few strands in a discrete area of the HALO® Extension first. Note, some colorists have found that washing and air-drying the HALOCOUTURE® extensions prior to coloring helps the hair take the color more effectively. We do not recommend stripping the HALO® Extension of color (bleach or lightening).

Can I style & blend my extensions?

Yes, because HALOCOUTURE® Extensions are 100% Remy human hair, you or your stylist may style as you would your own hair. 

Can I swim in my Extensions?

It is not recommended to swim in your HALOCOUTURE® Extensions primarily because it does not use weaving, clips or glue to directly attach to your existing hair. HALOCOUTURE® Extensions are designed to fit snugly on your head and be held in place securely with the aid of your existing hair. If you submerge your head in water, the extensions may float up off your head similar to the way it’s designed to be removed.

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